Zinglon's Squadrons is a bonus game from Tyrian which is available after clearing the last stage of Episode 4 with any ship other than The Stalker 21.126.

How to PlayEdit

Large formations of ships fly down to attack you. Individual ships in the groups break off to fly down in various ways. You must destroy the entire fleet to advance to the next fleet. Basically, just shoot everything you can. You must shoot all the small enemies to advance to the next level.

There are 7 kinds of enemies:

  • Zimbles: 10 pts / 20 pts attacking - Damage 4 - Eyeballs
  • Blottes: 15 pts / 30 pts attacking - Damage 6 - Blood Cells
  • Zoomers: 20 pts / 40 pts attacking - Damage 5 - Bombs
  • Roobles: 25 pts / 50 pts attacking - Damage 5 - Fireballs
  • Tokkies: 50 pts / 100 pts attacking - Damage 7 - Little Spikey Balls
  • Garmons: 100 pts / 200-300 pts attacking - Damage 10 - Big Spikey Balls
  • Widgets: 250 pts / 500-??? pts attacking - Damage 20 - Big Brown Ship

Your ship is armed with a simple rail gun which cannot be increased. Also, you have no shields and merely subsist on armor. However, the armor ship will still come down to help you. Extra lives are earned at 10000, 20000, and every 25000 pts thereafter.


There are four types of enemy formations:

  • Type 1 - Block: A simple four row mass of enemies. They attack quickly but if you don't care about your score you can blast through them pretty quickly.
  • Type 2 - Bombs: This block variation has a row of bombs in the front which are difficult to destroy and fly down quickly. If you can blast through them, you can get a clear shot at the Garmons. The center Garmon will not move, so try to take it out before the formation leaves for extra points.
  • Type 3 - Delta: This is not a difficult formation at first, as you can take out the side enemies fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the center Tokkies will fly out at you extremely quickly and are difficult to anticipate. Don't let the Zimbles get close to the bottom or else you may have difficulty maneuvering.
  • Type 4 - Bonus: This is a very quick formation for extra points. The Zoomers and Roobles will attack in force first. Then, the Widget will attack. Make sure you destroy this! After the Widget will come some more small ships and the two remaining Garmons.

There are no special moves available in this game.