Zinglon's Revenge is a bonus game from Tyrian which is available after clearing the last stage of Episode 4 with The Stalker 21.126.

How to PlayEdit

A giant ship projects a horizontal field of energy. Small enemies fall down from above and bounce around the edges of the screen and against the energy field. Touching the field or one of the little enemies means almost certain instant death. You must shoot all the small enemies to advance to the next level.

There are 4 kinds of enemies:

  • Roobles: Round Fireballs - Low damage - Move left to right
  • Tokkies: Spikey Balls - Low damage - Move up and down quickly
  • Zimbles: Eyeballs - Moderate damage - Move diagonally slowly
  • Blottes: Blood Cells - High damage - Descend slowly and then bounce up quickly diagonally

This game consists of 6 levels, starting on level 5 and descending in order to the final level.

  • Level 5: Mostly Roobles
  • Level 4: Mostly Tokkies
    • Extra ship received after Level 5.
  • Level 3: Zimbles and Blottes
  • Level 2: Roobles, Tokkies, and Blottes
  • Level 1: Mostly Zimbles
    • Extra ship received after Level 1.
  • Level 0: Blottes - Destroy the energy field?
    • Extra ship received after Level 0.
  • Level -1: ???


Obviously the main point to the game is to dodge the little enemies as well as possible.

  • Roobles: Round Fireballs - These are very easy to destroy but get in your way easily once they descend fairly low. Try to take these out quickly if you can unless a Blotte is coming.
  • Tokkies: Spikey Balls - These can be avoided fairly easily since they move very slowly across the screen. You can usually position a sidekick to stay underneath them long enough to take them out.
  • Zimbles: Eyeballs - These are pretty slow and you can usually delay shooting them until they start filling the screen. Try to take out the faster-moving enemies first if you can.
  • Blottes: Blood Cells - These are the hardest enemies to destroy in the game. They are fairly easy to take out while descending, so try to at least to damage them fairly well. Once they reach bottom, they'll start bouncing quickly and can be hard to destroy.