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The Zica Laser is a weapon from Tyrian.


The Zica Laser Weapon was introduced by Gencore after several years of successful introduction of Zica products by Microsol. It is still unknown why so many of these products were named after the Zica, an ancient race which used to inhabit Gyges, among other tunnel worlds. However, it is possible that some of these devices are not simply part of the marketing frenzy but are actually unique technologies from Gyges.

This weapon is the most likely to be linked to the Gyges excavation, though oddly enough, Gencore was not involved in the archaeological research. Still, the weapon generates forced laser bursts which independent scientists have not been able to fully explain. Laser effects are well known for the blue range of light, but the forced pulse patterns are totally unreasonable.

The only answer that has been given so far is that there may be some unknown energy working to distort the laser. Research is still being conducted on the effects and reactions of the energy, though little has been accomplished.