This weapon was found during an excavation of an ancient tunnel-world apparently built by these strange space-inhabiting creatures. It is believed the Zica were not air-breathers but subsisted mostly on thermal radiation and various liquids for survival.

We believe this had a profound impact on their technological development, since they appear to have developed tools and devices to manipulate and take advantage of thermal and other radiation-based energies. Their mastery of thermal energy appears to have led to the development of this unique null-space flamethrower.

What little information which has leaked out of Station Gryphon, where the only remaining samples of this device are stored, indicates the weapon uses an energy-based particle field to generate the flame without any external air or energy source.

Even this limited information would not have been available if it wasn't for the unfortunate accident which apparently occured when a researcher removed the outer covering to study the interior. A large section of the left-rear portion of Station Gryphon is still missing to this day, a testimony to those who would fool with something they do not understand.