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The Zica are a race from Tyrian.


The Zica are a presumed extinct race which originally lived on Ixmucane. They originally lived under the planet's surface, where they carved numerous tunnels. It is believed they didn't subsist on oxygen, instead absorbing thermal radiation, which is attributed to have an impact on their technological development.

The Zica were a technologically advanced race, having found the means to manipulate thermal radiation energy which led to their development of various weapons, whose workings are still not fully understood even by the brightest of the scientists. They have also left many defensive systems inside the tunnels of Ixmucane, which are still active to this day.

The Zica have been gone for 421965032 standard years, 14 days, and 32 minutes (SCI estimation). Xenoscientists believe the Zica to be still alive, however, having fled to some unknown place where they could be plotting their revenge.