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So... you think you can outsmart a corporation whose size you cannot even possibly imagine? You are the biggest fool I have ever seen. Turn back now while you have the chance. You will never find the fleet's secret base, and soon we will emerge and crush you into pulp if you remain here. Leave now.
~ Vykromod

Vykromod is one of the main villains from Tyrian.


Vykromod is an assassin working for Microsol. He first appears at the end of the first episode to intercept Trent Hawkins when he returns to Tyrian to retrieve a sample of Gravitium. He appears again at the end of the second episode and attempts to prevent Trent from escaping from the Gryphon Station.

During the third episode, Vykromod attempts to intercept Trent before he enters the Stargates and continues to pursue him until he's finally killed. Despite being dead, his soul returns at the end of the fourth episode, when Captain Nob fuses it with the stolen Nose of Zinglon. Vykromod fights Trent, this time being killed for good.


"I...I feel your presence, Trent. Where are you? I cannot see. What have you done to me, Trent? I feel... nothing. Where is my body? Who am I? Am I still me? I want to die. Why can't I move?

Kill me. Someone?