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Tyrian 2 was a proposed sequel to Tyrian which unfortunately never materialized. Back in 2005, a group of fans got authorization from Jason Emery to work on said sequel, but the project never left the planning stages.

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Proposed plotline[]


Years after the defeat of Microsol and the radical Zinglonites by trick-pilot and former terraformation scout Trent Hawkins, he can often be found in Midway's bars drinking very large amounts of alcohol in the vague hopes that he'll forget it all happened. The assassination of his parents by Microsol, the destruction he caused on behalf of Transon Lohk and the knowledge that it was all over all over a bunch of gravity-influencing ore were among the unwanted memories. But none of it had forgotten him. While he enjoys an alcohol-ridden retirement on planet Savara, the winds of war are shifting and if he doesn't act soon then the entire sector will be in jeopardy.

The Zica have returned to claim Ixmucane. The planet is under Gencore Tech Alliance control now that Microsol is dead. But Gencore refuses to budge. Without any attempts at diplomacy, the Zica reveal an enormous army and not only strikes at Gencore by taking over Ixmucane, but planet by planet they start conquering Tyrian sector. The Gencore Tech Alliance appeals to Trent for help, but their pleas fall on deaf ears as the seemingly unstoppable Zica onslaught goes unanswered... until they set their sights on Trent's home world. With his last hope of a peaceful retirement gone Trent takes up arms as the war general for the Mendivians governing Savara and begins his campaign to restore peace to Tyrian sector.

His journey, however, is far from simple. Trent's inebriety and apathy towards the rebuilt city around him mean he never realized his cryo-sleep didn't last the 101 years he had hoped it would...it only lasted 4. Which means that Transon will still be there with his creepy, controlling smile. The Stargate Aliens, despite helping Trent in the past, have allied themselves with the growing Zica forces. Can Trent, using only a small army from Savara, stop the Stargate Aliens and the Zica without selling out to Transon again? Even if he stops the Zica, how will he maintain peace? Will he never find it for himself? What tricks do the Zica have up their sleeves to take down the master pilot? Where are the mysterious Collectors throughout all of this? By Zinglon, I need a drink!