Ports of Tyrian 2000 were under development by Symmetry Entertainment for both the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. Most of the original staff worked on these ports, with the exception of Daniel Cook, though the ports graphics are based on those made by him for the original game. Both ports were cancelled when Symmetry Entertainment closed business.

Game Boy Color versionEdit

The GBC version was the most advanced development-wise and almost ready for release. All of the game's graphics were obviously reworked to fit the weaker hardware, and all the datacube text was removed, as the story is now told with cutscenes between stages. Most levels were redesigned, the rear weapons are completely absent and you can only use one sidekick at a time. All music was remixed for the Game Boy MIDI hardware.

Game Boy Advance versionEdit

The GBA version was still in a alpha state when it got cancelled. This version is more faithful to the original game, with downscaled graphics to fit the smaller screen resolution. The stage layout is based on the GBC version and though the sidekicks are restored the rear weapons are still absent. This version has no music at all.

Both versions are available for download on the Tyrian Repository.