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Two Player Mode is one of the gameplay modes from Tyrian, playing much like the Arcade Mode. Unique to this mode is the Steel Dragon, a unique ship formed by combining the two player's ships. Once combined, the first player has control of all ship movements, and the second player controls a special weapon turret that revolves around the ship, making up for its lack of speed and larger size.

During the game, each player grabs power-ups which are dropped from enemies that you destroy. Between the two ships, there are 18 kinds of weapons that can be picked up. The Dragonhead's power-ups are superimposed over a blue ball. The Dragonwing's power ups are shown over a dark red ball. Your current weapon can be increased in power by grabbing the purple ball power-ups. Also look for the mechanized power ups, which increase the other player's weapon by one level of power.


The first player ship, the Dragonhead can power up with the following weapons (blue power ups):

  • Pulse Cannon
  • Multi Cannon
  • Mega Cannon
  • Laser
  • Zica Super Laser
  • Proton Blaster
  • Vulcan Cannon
  • Lightning Gun
  • Missile launcher
  • Heavy Missile launcher

The Dragonhead has no charge capabilities for its weapon, but has a greater selection. It is also faster than the Dragonwing.

The second player ship, the Dragonwing, can power up with these weapons (dark red power ups):

  • Starburst
  • Multi Cannon
  • Sonic Cannon
  • Proton Blaster
  • Wild Cannon
  • Vulcan Cannon
  • Heavy Missile Launcher
  • Mega Pulse Beam

The second player ship's weapon has a special characteristic. If you do not fire, the weapon charges for a much more damaging "super shot" that is released when your weapon is fully charged (two small blue balls orbiting a large one). The more powered-up your ship is, the faster it charges.

There are 11 levels of weapon power, giving you a selection of nearly 200 different weapons!