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I must admit, I am rather tired of saving the universe again and again. That idiot Transon will find me no matter where I go and force me to take on huge fleets until I either die or grow old. Maybe he'll find a way around that. I've got to get out of here! There must be somewhere I can go where people won't expect me to take out entire planets by myself. But where? I must find a way! Otherwise I'll be stuck fighting these Microsol ships for the rest of eternity! Aaaaarrrrrggghhh!
~ Trent Hawkins

Trent Hawkins is the hero of Tyrian and the character players will control during the game.


Trent Hawkins is a skilled pilot and war veteran, whose piloting skill are equal to none. Having retired from the military to live a more tranquil life, for the past three years Trent has worked in the terraformation industry as a pilot, scouting out habitable locations on newly terraformed planets. His latest assignment is to Tyrian, one such planet, near Hazudra territory.

Trent's life changes after his best friend, the Hazudra Buce Quesillac, is shot down by a hovering drone. As he lays dying, Buce tells Trent that Microsol, the company responsible for the terraformation of Tyrian, is interested on the Gravitium, a rare ore which allows control over gravity, and is killing anyone who knows about it's existence. He also tells Trent that he's next on their list and implores him to go to the free world of Savara. And so begins Trent's quest to save his own life and fight the powerful Microsol corporation.