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While under the leadership of General Zinglon, station commander at Gryphon, a group of scientists excavated what is now called planet Gyges, after the late Doctor of Metacology, Gyges Phildren. It is believed they excavated a number of artifacts and devices which were then transferred to the secret research station, Gryphon.

Full details were never released, but it is known that Gyges was conducting some unorthodox research into the abnormal meta-physical energy involved in the firing of a secret weapon nicknamed the Zica Flamethrower. He apparently removed the outer casing of the device. This mistake cost him his life and the lives of over twelve thousand crew members serving in that section of the station at the time. Sections of the station are still missing, since it was deemed too expensive and inefficient to repair the damaged sections than build newer, better designed sections.

Incidentally, General Zinglon is believed to have been demonstrating a new matter transporter at the time of the explosion, but never arrived at his destination. A surge of energy occurred as the fusion generator near the research section exploded. The transporter was linked to that generator since it required additional power to function than was available with the standard reactors.

At that same time, billions of people reported seeing an image remarkably like his on their vidscreens. This in turn produced a fanatical faction of divine seekers, frustrated with their attempts to convince people that circular shapes should be worshipped as gods. They called themselves the Cult of Zinglon and now work in secret to bring Zinglon, "Master of All", back from whatever dimension his molecules were scattered to.