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The Eleven Commandments

The most incredible screen epic ever made - presented in the original holobox format.

Monses walked upon Savara and said:

"Let there be a group of laws for people to follow, so that they might learn to be virtuous and live with honor."

And Zinglon said:

"Lo, let be it, for now when Tuesday then cometh with not again, be it another less more it be. Be faith giveth whence came me unto, yet not needeth for unto me, for yet be learn to be."

And Monses raised his hands aloft to take the holocubes, but lowered them again and said:


And Zinglon spake:

"Look. Here's the stuff you asked for. Take it and leave me alone."

Monses took the holocubes from the sky but saw that there was an extra cube, a cube he had not expected. He interrupted again and spake to the heavens:

"What's the other cube for?"

And Zinglon spake:

"You know when the people have learned but the ten cubes just aren't enough? This is for that extra push when ten just isn't enough."

Monses scratched his head and replied:

"Surely you could make the other ten stronger?"

And Zinglon spake:

"But mine go up to eleven. Now go away."

And, Zinglon blew Monses and the holocubes off the mountain...

Enjoy these scenes and more from the greatest production of all time!

Monses and the Eleven Commandments

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