Super Arcade Mode is a secret gameplay mode from Tyrian. It follows the same rules from the regular Arcade Mode, though the weapons work differently here. Instead of picking weapons randomly dropped by enemies, each of the ships available in this mode have their own particular set of weapons. Enemies will drop coloured pods, each of which corresponds to a certain weapon, with weapon level depending on how many of a coloured pod you collected. Rear Guns are unavailable in this mode, but to make up for that each ship comes with two different Special Weapons, with the secondary fire button being used to switch between them.

In order to enter the Super Arcade Mode, you must type a password on the title screen corresponding to the ship you wish to use.

Ships ListEdit

CodeIconShipSpecial 1Special 2RedBlueGreenBrownBlack
TECHNO MicroCorp The Experimental PQZ Minefield MegaLaser Dual Hyper Pulse Zica Laser Scatter Wave Guided Bombs Heavy Missile Launcher
STORMWIND USP Stormwind - The Elemental SandStorm Flare Mega Pulse Lightning Cannon Sonic Wave Protron Wave Rear Mega Pulse
UNKNOWN SilverCloud TX Silver Cloud Protron Dispersal Xega Ball Multi Cannon Zica Laser Rear Heavy Missile Launcher Laser Vulcan Cannon
ENEMY UShip Captured U-Fighter Dual Vulcan Lightning Zone Vulcan Cannon Mega Cannon Guided MicroBombs Rear Mega Pulse Protron
STEALTH Gencore1 Ninja Star Blade Field Invulnerability Starburst Poison Bomb Guided Bombs Shuriken Protron Wave
WEIRD SuperCarrot FoodShip Nine Banana Bomb Orange Shield Banana Blast Orange Juicer HotDog Front Protron Z Wild Balls
NORTSHIP NortShip Nort-Ship Z Astral Zone SDF Main Gun Super Pulse Spreader Spreader B Orange Juicer Poison Bomb
LIZARD DragonIco Dragon Dragon Lightning Dragon Flame Dragon Frost Poison Bomb Mega Pulse Mega Pulse
PRETZEL Pretzel Pretzel Pete Truck Super Pretzel Pretzel Missile HotDog Rear HotDog Rear Pulse-Cannon People Pretzels