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The Steel Dragon is a ship from Tyrian which is exclusive to the Two Player Mode.


Just having double the fun isn't enough, is it? To complement this awesome mode, the first and second player can combine their ships into 150 tons of deadly space fighter technology. Called "The Steel Dragon", this ship consists of two parts, the "Dragonwing" and the "Dragonhead". They are combined when the ships are close enough together to dock. This concept was developed recently by a new firm, based on the jungle planet of Torm, and its name comes from the dragons which thrive there. Three times as fast and hundreds of times more powerful than other fighters, this starship lives up to its namesake easily.

Once combined, the first player has control of all ship movements, and the second player controls a special weapon turret that revolves around the ship, making up for its lack of speed and larger size. The ships can be separated by one of two means: Player 1 - holding down one of the Sidekick fire buttons and moving away from Player 2, or Player 2 stops firing and moves away from player 1.