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Soh Jin is a planet from Tyrian.


The cornucopia of desert foods are enough to enliven any Arabian tale. Most restaurants serve over 20 different types of figs alone.

The most impressive eatery, though, is Assan's Low-Cal Oasis. Assan's sells over one hundred varieties of figs, seventeen types of camel dishes, and three other secret dishes we can't even recognize. To top it off, nothing served here is over twenty calories. It's a dieter's dreamworld come true, as Assan can do things with figs that lesser men only dream of.

On the other side of the dusty world is Coshack and his Green Walnut. Within the confines of this lovely vegetarian oasis lies the world's only walnut tree. How he keeps it growing in this climate is but a mystery, but guests can take a guided tour detailing the mysteries of this planet's fruit. An experience not to be missed.


Technology has adapted this nomadic world to a nomadic life of space-travel. The locals are wary of outsiders, but will freely accept you as long as you can speak their language. Fortunately, the locals were never too bright and most people can fake their ancestral language which consists of only one word: Sand.


Camel jaunts are minutes away from any location on the planet. Also, Sand-gathering and wyrm hunting are two of the most widely enjoyed pleasures this world has to offer.

Soh Jin boasts the galaxy's largest mountain of sand. It's a wonder. Actually, it's a wonder you can see it through the constant sandstorms, but if you do miss the few seconds it's visible every thousand years, you can purchase any number of delightful postcards from the people who saw it the last time.

Make sure you hire a local guide, though, as most people are quite lost nearly three feet from a building. The locals have cunningly placed a dampening field which neutralizes positioning beacons, so you'd better follow their custom.