Sidekicks are secondary weapons from Tyrian that fly alongside your ship and provide you with additional firepower. Each ship can have a left and a right Sidekick. These weapons range from single shot cannons to plasma storms that can devastate entire sectors of a planet. For weapons that have unlimited ammunition simply firing your normal weapon also fires your Sidekick. Sidekicks that "charge-up" or have limited ammunition can be fired separately.

Sidekicks listEdit

MiniMissile Mini-Missile1000100
Marlo Satellite Marlo2000
SingleShot Single Shot Option3000
Pulse Side Ship3000100
MegaMissile Mega Missile4000
MicroBombSK MicroBomb400060
Marlo Mint-O-Ship5000
Warfly Companion Ship Warfly5000
DualShot Dual Shot Option6000
Marlo Bubble Gum-Gun6000
PostIt Post-It Mine700020
MicroBomb 8-Way MicroBomb750030
Atom Atom Bomb800020
FrontBlaster Microsol FrontBlaster8000
Phoenix Phoenix Device80008
Marlo Tropical Cherry Companion8000
Plasma Plasma Storm95006
Vulcan Vulcan Shot Option10000
Gerund Companion Ship Gerund10000
Scatter Protron Cannon Indigo12000
MegaMissile Buster Rocket1250030
FrontBlaster Microsol FrontBlaster II14000
Charge Charge Cannon15000
ZicaFlamethrower Zica Flamethrower20000
Marlo Wobbley25000
Tangerine Protron Cannon Tangerine30000
ZicaLaser Zica SuperCharger50000
FrontBlaster BattleShip-Class Firebomb65000