Ships are your main way of travel and combat in the Tyrian universe, but this goes without saying. Each ship have it's own armor strength, indicated by the brown gauge on the bottom right of the screen during gameplay. Unlike other Shoot 'em Up games, your armour is complemented by Shields which constantly replenish themselves as long as you have enough generator power. The ship's armoring will only suffer direct damage after the shield power is fully depleted, only being restored if you pick up a metal brought by one of the support ships.

Ships listEdit

USP USP Talon Light Fighter6000
USP USP Fang Light Fighter8000
Gencore1 Gencore Phoenix12000
Gencore1 Gencore Maelstrom15000
Gencore2Ico Gencore II17000
MicroCorp MicroCorp Stalker20000
MicroCorp MicroCorp Stalker-B25000
MicroCorp Prototype Stalker-C50000
MicroCorp The Stalker 21.12630000
StormIco Storm5000
SuperCarrot SuperCarrot65000
UShip U-Ship8000
NortShip Nort Ship Z65000
TwinShip Steel Dragonnone
DragonIco Dragonsecret
Pretzel Pretzel Pete Trucksecret