Shields are the main defensive equipment from Tyrian. Shields are the only things other than your armor keeping huge ionized beams from ripping into your ship and turning you into space bacon. Be sure to upgrade them whenever possible.

The shields power is indicated by a blue gauge on the bottom right of the screen during gameplay. Getting hit will deplete the shield power, but it will recover with time as long as you have enough generator power. If the shield's power gets depleted the player's craft becomes vulnerable to damage.

Shields listEdit

SIF Structural Integrity Field100
AIF Advanced Integrity Field250
GencoreShield Gencore Low Energy Shield500
GencoreShield Gencore High Energy Shield1000
LXSA MicroCorp LXS Class A2000
LXSB MicroCorp LXS Class B4000
LXSC MicroCorp LXS Class C5000
HXSC Gencore Solar Shield10000
HXSA MicroCorp HXS Class A12000
HXSB MicroCorp HXS Class B20000
HXSC MicroCorp HXS Class C25000