Tyrian, the Wiki

Tyrian contains secret levels with secret methods to get to them. Obtaining a secret level is indicated with a music playing along with text "SECRET LEVEL" showing at top center of screen.

Episode 1: Escape[]


At the beginning of level Tyrian, there will be 2 wide rock formations one after another. Destroy the second formation to reveal a blue formation inside. Fly on top of it to get secret level.


At the beginning of level Tyrian, destroy all U-Ships as fast as possible. Upon reaching the "approaching enemy platforms" part, one of the ships destroyed there will drop an orange orb. Pick it up.

Soh Jin[]

At the beginning of level Tyrian, in the first U-Ship formation, wait for it to reach bottom of screen then get upward. Destroy anywhere between none of the ships and all except the last U-Ship. If done correctly, at the end of level before the boss, there will be multiple white ships. Destroy them to drop an orange orb.


At end of the level Asteroid 2, there will be multiple face statues. Destroy them to drop orange orb.

Asteroid ?[]

At end of the level MineMaze, there will be a forked path with left fork containing red shipslingers on it's right side. Go in this fork and destroy the last missile ship that is in this fork to drop an orange orb.


At beginning of the level Asteroid?, destroy the leftmost turret among the first 3 turrets. after this, wait until the part where the single small tank appears before speed increase. Destroy it to drop orange orb.

Episode 2: Treachery[]

Episode 3: Mission: Suicide[]

Episode 4: An End to Fate[]