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Savara is one of the planets from Tyrian.


Savara, the only free world in the sector, is the only planet totally free of the Interstellar Government's policies. The founders of the planet insisted that it be preserved as an agricultural world, and that, with huge amounts of new plant and animal species, it's natural beauty was too important to disturb. It thrives as a vacation spot as well as an excellent trading world, though Tyrian is expected to overshadow it once it begins operation. It is also one of the only planets to support an underwater colony. Huge towers can be seen rising out of the vast oceans at certain points. Savara is an ideal place for trade and repair, however Microsol is suspected to have a secret base there despite the mandates that outlaw any company craft.


Come and visit the interstellar dining halls in the underwater city of Ploo. Dozens of aquatic fish swim about the domed windows. You can simply point to the fish of your desire and it will be captured and cooked for you in under 30 seconds!

Also remarkable is the bewildering variety of ethnic restaurants located on the surface. Many also cater to the more exotic tastes by serving the patrons of competing restaurants, literally! Anything edible [and some things that aren't] can be purchased here at a competitive price.


Savara is the eclectic hub of the sector, where many varied cultures live together in apparent peace and harmony, though you'll want to avoid these areas since few tourists leave them alive. However, you can sit behind glass enclosures as you watch the race of your choice go about their daily tasks, unable to stop you from prying into their private affairs.

Also available is the Bring it to You service, where for a small fee the locals will run out and round up a few ethnic groups of your choice who will be forced to act as if they enjoy your presence. A must for the self-conscious traveler!


Savara is the merchant center of the sector, where just about anything you want and everything you don't want can be found at an aggressive price. Price fixing and Mob control have seen that no individual merchants will ever charge anything that isn't fair.

Also, you will definitely want to visit the Interstellar House of Gruel wherein you will see the fascinating history and story behind the great world of Gruel. A fun affair for the whole family!



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