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Goodbye, Trent. I control the fleets now. Glad you could drop by to receive my message. <cough> You saved me the trouble of detonating Javi, but I had hoped he would be closer to Savara. No matter, just a slight alteration. You pretty much wiped them out for me already. With Deliani in chaos, there won't be anyone who can stop me from taking over the other free worlds. I was beginning to think everyone out there was incompetent, but you managed to find us. Interesting. <hack> <hack> <cough> I'll enjoy watching my microborers drain your mind, Trent.
~ Muldar

Muldar is a villain from Tyrian.


Muldar was formerly the Emperor Milktoe of Savara. However he flees the planet when Lord Gopenhagen starts rampaging and threatens to blow everything up. Muldar is never seen again until the fourth episode, when it is discovered that he sold the planet to Microsol.

He planned to take control of the Microsol fleet from Javi Onukala. He sends a distress call from Gyges, but it was all a ruse, so Trent is forced to pursue him. Muldar pilots a brain-shaped warship, but ends destroyed.