The Mega SoundChair is an equipment from Tyrian.


Sensors on your ship pick up the minute disturbances caused by sound-waves acting on the very fine particle streams in space, then amplify and filter the identified distortions which are then sent to your Mega SoundChair for playback. This is a consumer product which has been found to alleviate stress and panic in untrained pilots who began invading space with their own Star Yachts a number of years ago. It was found that when placed into silence, people would turn to music to alleviate the dread (and subsequent insanity) caused by being alone in space and unable to hear anything. This remedy was insufficient, however, since the music had several adverse side effects: It didn't make sense to the mind when you're watching meteors and other objects hurtling by, consumers couldn't hear messages broadcast to them, and people would get so wrapped up in the music they'd relax and wouldn't watch where they were going. This was an especially bad problem in the time before Automatic Guidance and Proximity Warning systems were refined. So, they decided to amplify what little sound was out there and solve the problem of the unending silence panic before there were no more Star Yachts to go around.