Come on down and pick up a USP shuttle at Hank's Used Shuttle and Holo-Tractor Emporium!

These new Uncorporated Systems Personnel shuttles deliver unparalleled speed and versatility, allowing the most dangerous and unskilled pilots to maneuver with ease. You may also mount conventional weapons to discourage asteroids from striking your hull.

The USP Talon provides you with 1 full inch of armor plating and a generous full-sized generator and engine area. With both forward and rear mounting systems and 2 cargo bays, it's just like a real Microsol fighter! Specially designed for speed and maneuverability, it gives you an unparalleled 3G base thrust addition! All this for only 6000 cr!!

The USP Perren has all the specifications of the Talon but with Mark VII air-conditioning and a P-3 stabilizer for added comfort in the blackness of space. Also keep a lookout for its stylish drink holder/holosnack bar.