Tyrian features a variety of items which can be collected during gameplay, which are worth points or serve to upgrade your ship's capabilities.

Many enemy ships will drop coins or gems, which can be collected for points. Years ago, an ingenious starship designer developed a metal that, when heated to a certain temperature, forms huge metal coins that can be collected by other ships. Council officials scoffed and called the project "something out of an ancient electronic game." Nonetheless, the metal is still used in nearly every ship built.

Enemy ships will also ocasionally drop fruits and other edible stuff. It has long been the practice of ship captains to destroy other ships and collect their protected food stores as a trophy, since most other matter is generally incinerated.

Items ListEdit

GreenCoin Green Coin10 Points
BrownCoin Brown Coin25 Points
CopperCoin Copper Coin50 Points
SilverCoin Silver Coin75 Points
BrownGem Brown Gem50 Points
PurpleGem Purple Gem100 Points
GreenGem Green Gem100 Points
RedGem Red Gem250 Points
BlueGem Blue Gem500 Points
RedCrystal Red Crystal1000 Points
GreenCrystal Green Crystal2000 Points
PurpleCrystal Purple Crystal5000 Points
Ale Mug of Ale375 Points
Key Key500 Points
Amiga Amiga Logo800 Points
Lemon Lemon150 Points
Strawberry Strawberry350 Points
Orange Orange500 Points
Grape Grape750 Points
GreenGrape Green Grape1000 Points
MetalPodF Metal Pod (front)Upgrades your front gun by one level
MetalPodR Metal Pod (rear)Upgrades your rear gun by one level
IronOre Iron OreSmall repair to the ship's armor
SteelOre Steel OreMedium repair to the ship's armor
SilverOre Silver OreLarge repair to the ship's armor
Satellite SatelliteAdds a orbiting satellite to your ship
Datacube DatacubeGives you information regarding the plot or the levels and equipment
Sphere Orange SphereUnlocks a secret level