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Gyges is a planet from Tyrian. It was named after the late doctor of metacology Gyges Phildren.


This planet is the home to the largest mass of organic creatures ever seen. What breeds down in the pits of the planet is unknown and unrecognizable, but can be purchased for a low price at Wobbo: Land O' Meat.

The crayball surprise is a most elegant delectable, served with fresh Zimbles or your choice of Tokkies. Wobbo's fine assortment of Gyganian delicacies are not to be matched by any other proprietor on Gyges. For parties, order an entire Garmon Platter. The size of a large scout ship, this massive crustacean serves over 500 human-sized patrons!

Vegetarians should avoid this planet at all costs, as the local creatures view such people as the lowest on the food chain. As far as this planet is concerned, vegetarians are free game. Many a hapless veggie has dared to avoid the local food and has been subsequently eaten.

A common saying on Gyges: "If you don't want to eat my friends, then I'll eat YOU!"


Most of the slimy inhabitants of this weird place don't speak any sort of recognizable language. For those who simply must take an excursion down below, bring a star destroyer along with you, or else some vegetarians to serve as bait. If the denizens are not too hungry that day, you can probably slip by with only throwing a few vegetarians to the masses. Just remember that you'll want to leave again.

If you're fortunate enough to be allowed to visit the Great Stomach to pay homage to him, you will find your stay well rewarded. Only a few are allowed to visit this special creature, and he has it in his power to make those he trusts quite lucrative deals. Authorities claim he is often in violation of intergalactic law with his enterprises, but so far none of the police have been able to arrest the entire planet.


Gyges boasts some rather wonderfully seedy nightclubs and is only rivaled in despair and general piracy to Torm. You can be sure if you visit this planet that it will open up a whole new world of fun and excitement. Just make sure you sample the local food... or else.



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