The Gravitron Pulse-Wave is a generator from Tyrian.


The gravitron Pulse-Wave is the ultimate in power system technology. This is based on the Tyrian research project. Not commonly known is that the Gryphon Explosion was caused by a Gravitron drive being connected to a Zica Flamethrower system. This produced a 10 AEU [astral explosion units] shock which destroyed much of the station. Therefore, use of this drive is not suggested in open combat.

The Harbringer Plasma system was designed for the invisible ship Illuminator. The ship will be deployed at the rear of the main Microsol fleet in our final assault. Failure in the mission in any way will result in the ship breaking off from combat.

<Archive note: Further details on the Illuminator are Class-16 and available only to Vykromod-level access.>

The Illuminati is being defended by a secondary battleship platform, which is also classified. It's job is to set up a mine defense barrier while the Illuminator acts from a safe position. Should the secondary platform be destroyed, the Illuminator will break off the attack.

This energy system is highly confidential and is not to be released into general distribution. Any Microsol ship is authorized to self-destruct using the F2+F3+F4 code. After vaporizing their armor with the code, pilots are recommended to crash their ship in an uncharted location if possible.