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Dragons are enemies from Tyrian, appearing in the Torm level during episode 2.


Researchers on the jungle planet Torm made a breakthrough discovery on the true nature of the wildlife referred to as dragons.

Apparently, these lifeforms are not indigenous to the planet but actually seeded themselves onto the world without assistance. Long a difficult and dangerous species to study, moreso due to the extreme aggressiveness of nesting females, a link has been established to the genetic structure of Torm dragons and similar species found on several other uncolonized worlds.

To corroborate this fact, young dragons have a harder chitinous membrane around their bodies which stay intact even in a dead vaccuum. Food reserves are high due to the large third stomach which holds undigested food. Coupled with their ability to live off of both oxygen and carbon dioxide and it's clearly possible that they can exist in space and maneuver through shifting their own mass in powerful wing vibrations.

Later research funding has been low, however, but the remaining project members hope the determine if there is some kind of migratory or exploratory instinct in the dragon mind.