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Dougan is a character from Tyrian.


Dougan is a pilot, much like Trent Hawkins, and also an old friend of his. Dougan is currently helping the Gencore Tech Alliance.

Dougan shows up briefly during the game in two occasions. At the beginning of the second episode, when Trent is sent by Javi to Torm to investigate shipments, Dougan is the first to tell Trent that something's not right about Javi, since Microsol was centering it's activities at Savara at the time. He also finds a tracking device on Trent's ship and removes it.

During the fourth episode, Dougan helps in the fight against the invading Microsol fleet in Deliani. When Javi pursues Trent in his Dreadnought, Dougan feeds Trent's ship with data about the Dreadnought's weak points, which proves indispensable for Trent to destroy it.