Destruct is a secret game hidden in Tyrian. In order to play it, you must type "DESTRUCT" on the title screen.

Destruct is a strategy game which plays similarly to Scorched Earth, except instead of being turn-based it is played in real time. Player 1 is always set to the right team while the left team is played by the CPU by default. In order to activate Player 2 simply press F10. The game is played entirely with the keyboard. Pressing ESC during gameplay returns to Destruct's mode selection, and pressing ESC at the mode selection returns to Tyrian.


  • Left Player
    • F10: Toggle CPU on/off
    • Shift or X: Fire
    • Ctrl or Space: Change weapon
    • Alt: Switch vehicle
    • A or Z: Change velocity
    • C or V: Change angle
  • Right Player
    • Insert or Enter: Fire
    • Page Up or Page Down: Change weapon
    • S: Switch vehicle
    • Up or Down: Change velocity
    • Left or Right: Change angle

Game ModesEdit

  • 5-Card War: Each player controls five randomly selected vehicles.
  • Traditional: Each player only has one tank.
  • Heli Assault: Player 1 controls helicopters while Player 2/CPU controls guns.
  • Heli Defence: Player 1 controls guns while Player 2/CPU controls helicopters.
  • Outgunned: One player controls only guns while the other controls helicopters and jumpers.


  • Gun: Fixed vehicle, you can freely adjust it's firing angle and power. There are three different guns, each with a different weapon. Stronger guns have more delay before being able to fire again.
  • Helicopter: Can move freely, only fires at 45° downwards.
  • Jumper: Fixed position but can jump. Shoots upwards while on the ground and downwards while in the air.
  • Repulsor: Can't move of shoot, repels opponent's bullets.