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Deliani is one of the planets from Tyrian.


A triumph of mankind, Deliani's nickname is "TechWorld," due to it's sprawling cities and gleaming skyscrapers populating the surface. Deliani is the equivalent of ancient Earth's "New York City,": if one wants something, legal or illegal, one usually finds it here. The economic prosperity enjoyed by Deliani is only the sliver lining of the dark cloud of crime that exists there. Even though the planet is the home of Microsol's chief competitor, Gencore Tech Alliance, many acts of greed and corruption still run rampant. Gencore was formed not only to restore order to Deliani, but to deliberately oppose Microsol in it's sinister dealings. Those who have crossed Microsol usually flee to Deliani to seek refuge with Gencore. Beware, flight in Deliani is nerve wracking, due to the tight spaces and clusters of towers.

Travel Tip[]

Though most areas of the planet are restricted and guards are often ordered to shoot unidentified personnel on sight, if you stay in the Light Green Zone you should have no problems avoiding personal injury and death. Be sure to avoid the Blue-Green and Turquoise Zones as well as the Stix Zone. The Red and Yellow Zones are safe for travel, though the Yellow is often confused with the Off-White and Peach Deadly Areas. Many a color-blind traveler has been killed by accident.


Deliani provides the most technically advanced cooking systems in the known universe. Dishes that simply aren't palatable anywhere else still won't be very good here, but Chef Yo of Deliani's motto is: If it's matter, we can make you eat it. A unique experience you'll never be able to repeat!


One word: Robotics. Anyone's fetish for robotics can be satisfied here. Androbots, Lobots, Robots, Androids, Redroids, Droid Droids, and many other varieties of metallic life forms are welcome here, as long as they stay in the Burnt Sienna or Brick Red Zones.

Deliani is the home of such Fluxnet 21 favorites as:
Honey, I Shorted-Out the Kidforms
Almo and Zik-Nar X3
My Mother the Lobot.


Gencore always has a number of exciting entertainment opportunities available for tourists. Any number of military drills, parades, and barbaric information torture drills can be found here. A must for military buffs.



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