Tyrian, the Wiki

Tyrian features a number of secrets hidden in the game, many of which can be activated through cheat codes. The following is a list of them.

In-Game Cheats[]

These codes can be activated while playing a level.

Code Effect
F2 + F3 + F6 Activates invincibility (the phrase "Cheaters Always Prosper" will appear at the bottom confirming the cheat). Press it again to deactivate it.
F2 + F6 + F7 Skips the current level
Backspace + F10 Activates Debug Mode
Backspace + - Changes the screen color
Backspace + ScrollLock Changes the current stage's music
Backspace + NumLock Activates Screenshot Mode ("PAUSED" text won't appear and pressing P will make the game advance one frame)
Backspace + 1 Changes the game's speed

Secret Difficulty Levels[]

Type these codes on the difficulty select screen.

Code Effect
G Activates "Impossible" difficulty
} Activates "Suicide" difficulty (Impossible must be activated)
LORD Activates "Lord of the Game" difficulty (Suicide must be activated)

Secret Gameplay Modes[]

Type these codes on the title screen.

Code Effect
ENGAGE Super Tyrian mode
DESTRUCT Destruct mini-game

Super Arcade Mode Codes[]

Type any of these to play the Super Arcade Mode with the corresponding ship.

Code Ship
TECHNO The Experimental PQZ
UNKNOWN TX SilverCloud
STEALTH Ninja Star
STORMWIND Stormwind the Elemental
ENEMY Captured U-Ship
WEIRD FoodShip-9
PRETZEL Pretzel Pete Truck

Command-Line Codes[]

Type these when starting the game through the command prompt.

Code Effect
LOOT Start the game a ton of money
NOROBERT Gives you alternate item in the upgrade menu
RECORD Records gameplay
NOJOY Disables joysticks
MAXJOY Joystick sensitivity is set to maximum
CONSTANT Activates demonstration mode
DEATH You die as soon as the stage starts
NOSOUND Disables music and SFX
MAXVOL Sets the game's volume to maximum