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You may have killed all the others, but I am still alive! I, Nob, am now admiral of all that I see! No, wait. General! Hmmm... Emperor! No. No. Bigger. Supreme Intergalactic Ruler of Everything! Haha! You are too late to stop my rule. I will now activate project Vykromod! These will be the last moments you spend alive. Cherish them.
~ Captain Nob

Captain Nob is one of the main villains from Tyrian.


Nob is the captain of the Ixmucane Task Force Alpha, one of the elite forces of Microsol. For most of the game he never confronts Trent Hawkins directly, despite being a high-ranked commander, instead sending idle threats to Trent through the datacubes. He finally confronts Trent when he attempts to escape Ixmucane after restoring the planet's core, but ends defeated. He shows up again at the end of the fourth episode, after both Javi Onukala and Muldar are defeated, putting his final plan into action: he fuses the soul of Vykromod with the stolen Nose of Zinglon and uses his new weapon to attack Trent when he returns to Tyrian. His fate is unknown after this.