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Asteroid Sector 2 is one of the asteroid areas from Tyrian.


The second sector of asteroids in the Tyrian system is not used by Microsol for mining purposes, but instead as a proving grounds for new craft and ground assault weapons, their newest being the Thunder HX-21: a small, tank-like vehicle that fires a powerful plasma blast that can damage even the most heavily armored starships!

Beware also of deadly laser turrets. The blasts can obliterate the largest of asteroids, so imagine what they can do to a ship...


Sector 2 is an extremely restricted area. Only the most important V.I.P.s are allowed to even enter the space around here. For this reason, sector 2 has the galaxy's largest free-floating pizza parlor. This business is far more efficient than most, but it needs to be because of the large orders they receive. When you place your order, you are guaranteed delivery in under 3 minutes. To achieve this remarkable rate for large orders, the entire parlor can be moved into position above your building's pizza-intake valve. Then, it's bombs away as the entire order is blasted to your receiving room at 3000 miles/sec!

Every year, the bigwigs at Microsol spend months devising ever more challenging orders for these people to fill, but they haven't won yet. You can be sure their computers are churning away at this very minute to find new ways to exceed the 3-minute waiting time and receive their pizzas for free.

The name of the place? Damenoes.


A potpourri of the most important useless people roam the underground corridors of this massive research facility. They represent the largest mass of paper-pushers and pencil-sharpeners the universe has ever known.


None. This center is a rehabilitation camp for useless people. Microsol's grand design is to force at least one person to realize a single ounce of useful work. This plan has been a total failure.



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