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The Asteroid Sector 1 is one of the asteroid areas from Tyrian.


The first asteroid sector of the Tyrian system is the central mining colony where Microsol has been providing immense amounts of metal for starship construction. Here can be found gigantic drilling machines and hangars for prototype models that Microsol builds.

Maneuverability whilst in this sector is limited because of the large asteroids, and Microsol has installed numerous energy turrets that destroy any approaching objects that threaten the installations. A multi-directional weapon is recommended for countering the asteroids and the bases.

Also, an unusual anomaly has been detected in the sector indicating a possible dimensional shift near an ancient statue at the center of the field.


Sector 1 is guest to none other than the galaxy's only Gestalt Greasers. The building is an unparalleled giant bubble, with a panoramic view extending out into the stars. Fortunately, Greasers has a holo field emitter which can project onto the bubble any one of thousands of locations. The food is worthless slime, but if you ever wanted to visit a thousand locations all at once, you have picked the right place. Greasers does a brisk job of special services and birthdays. The Order of Zinglon swears by this place.


Most of the people in this area simply cannot afford a culture, but there is a great deal of second-hand style in this place. What little they can afford is packed into the greatest hoe-downs anyone has ever seen.


Most of the asteroid belt is off-limits to tourists, but there are a number of public access roads where you can spend your time annoying overworked miners by buzzing past them at over 8 Gs. A must event for the whole family!

Another big attraction is the lonely miner bars located all over the area. This is the place to find that overworked barbarian of your dreams.



Tyrian music - Asteroid Dance, Part 1